How Agencies Can Qualify For Google Partners

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How Can New Agencies Qualify For Google Partner Status?

Qualifying as a Google Partner is simple. Start by visiting the  Google Partner Program website.  There, we are presented two options, we may either search for a partner, or declare, I’m an Agency.  If you are indeed an agency, the first step in the certification process is to register your agency with the Google Partner Program. Once an agency has registered, it may or may not qualify for the Google Partner status depending on the requirements.

To Qualify for the partner status, agencies must meet the following requirements.

Company Profile: As we mentioned earlier in this post. The first and perhaps most obvious requirement is that your agency must register with the Google Partner program. When registering, an agency is required to submit the company name, logo, website, contact info, Google+ page, and company description.

Certification: One member of the Marketing Agency must be AdWords certified. This requires that the individual pass the Fundamentals Exam and one of the two Advanced Exams. The fundamental exam covers basic aspects of online advertising while the advanced exams covers intermediate to advanced best practices. There are two advanced exams. One, consisting of questions regarding the Google Display network, the other covering questions about YouTube video advertising.

Spend: Agencies wishing to be dubbed with the Partner certification must maintain a consistent amount of spend. Most agencies have already configured their MCC account. In this MCC account, an agency must be responsible for at least $10,000 in AdWords spend over the last 90 calendar days. Spend activity must be taking place for at least 60 of the 90 days. Finally, the MCC account must be at least 90 days old. An important note that Google has mentioned, is that, “The AdWords spend is measured from the day an AdWords account is added to your company’s MCC.”

Google awards agencies that have reached the Partner status requirements receive a Google Partner badge to display on their website. This contributes to the confidence and trust visitors will have towards those agencies. In addition to the badge, those agencies that receive the Google Partner status will receive a complimentary listing on the Google Certified Partner directory.

For more information on registering for Google Partners, visit the the support page for signing up for Google Partners

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