Google Analytics - Helping you understand your visitor's behavior

Why use Google Analytics?

Understand your business from the visitor's perspective

Google Analytics helps businesses improve their online efforts by providing easy to read reports which measure different types of valuable insights and illustrate how customers interact with a business’s website.

Who are my website's customers?

Find out how many visitors your business receives on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. Also find out demographic information like where customers are located or what interests they have. Using this information and more, businesses can learn to better focus the marketing budget for specific locations and or demographics.

Audience reports tell you how many people have visited your site, where they’re coming from and whether they’re new or returning visitors.

How are visitors finding my website?

With Google Analytics, discover which search engines, social networks, or blogs are directing visitors to your business’s site and learn which marketing channels contribute to the greatest and least percentage of total visits.

Traffic sources reports will show you how visitors have reached your website. You can find out which search engines, blogs or social networks are most important to your business.

What are visitors doing once they arrive?

View how long visitors are staying on the site and which pages they are engaging with. Gain insight as to what content on the website is most popular based on visitor trends.

Content reports will indicate where visitors spend the most amount and least amount of time, which pages are most popular, and which pages most visitors exit from.

When are visitors coming to the website?

Identify patterns in visitor activity such as what times in the day drive the most website traffic.

Analytics reports will help you discover trends in your website traffic, which can help you market your business more effectively at the right time of day.

Collaborate, Filter & Measure


With Analytics, you can choose to share various levels of access to your account with specific coworkers, deciding which of them may view insights and which may make changes to the account.


You can use a filter to exclude visits from your organization’s IP addresses so you only see data from customers and prospects.

Measure your goals

Analytics serves to help your business set goals which track valuable actions visitors take on your website. These goals may include actual sales or engagement metrics like how long visitors stay on your website or the number of pages they visit.

Determine if you are meeting your online objectives.

Configuring goals in Google Analytics can help businesses better understand if their website is achieving online objectives or not. There are different goal types which help measure different types of conversions. Examples of Analytics goals include when a visitor makes online purchases, reaches a specific amount of time spent on the website, or views a set number total pages.

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