Why Become A Google Trusted Store?

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Google’s support of online commerce is growing in all directions. Addressing the trend of E-Commerce storefronts receiving much needed security scrutiny, we find that shoppers are certain to feel more at ease when purchasing from a storefronts labeled with credible trustmarks, indicating a site has been stamped as a secure transactional network.  The pressing question is what is Google’s take on this? What does Google’s seal of approval for online webfronts mean? How do websites submit to Google’s approval process?

Google’s Trusted Store certification is a way of indicating that a site is a reliable place to shop. Websites wishing to earn this mark of online accreditation must submit to Google’s certification process that can be completed in three clear steps.

1. Create a Google Trusted Stores profile

This step is where businesses tell Google about themselves. This information includes primary contact information, administrators, notification settings, domain addresses, and account access. One really innovative feature is the ability to manage more than one online store. Administrators can add additional stores to an account, or remove stores from an account.

2. Submit shipping feeds to confirm your reliable shipping

The shipment details include the Order ID, Shipment Date, Carrier tracking number, and Carrier name. Google provides a wealth of reference material to businesses that may be  unfamiliar with standard carrier values and related logistical terms.

3. Add the Google Trusted Stores code to your site.

We found it interesting that Google requires the Trusted Store badge JavaScript snippet must be placed on every page on the business’s site. This includes the checkout, of course, but every web page! Again, Google provides excellent instructions on how to install these javascript snippets.

Where lies the benefit? Is it truly worth the time and effort to become a Google Trusted Store? We assessed the costs and benefits of this, and we undoubtedly concede, it most certainly is beneficial. Below are a few example of the types of preferential treatment Google Trusted Stores receive. These added features, security benefits and increased total on returns bolster our conclusion.

1) Let’s start with the Google Shopping Network. The Shopping Network is a growing market suited for just about any product. We can count on the Shopping Network to expand with the increase in demand in online shopping. Sites that have cleared the certification receive a badge of approval to display next to their website’s domain name.

Google Trusted Store .png

2) The next added feature relates to security. Of course the whole concept revolves around added security. Google vows to help resolve issues and disputes  that arise from their Trusted Store’s transactions, and will protect purchases up to $1,000!

3) The third reason why the Google Trusted Store application is a great idea is the increased rate of return a business might expect to receive. We spoke about peace of mind. We’re sure it has something to do with that. Google has proudly attached numerous success stories that boast  total conversion increases ranging anywhere from 1.3%  to a whopping  12.8% gained by   discountfilters.com

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