Google Analytics Now Allows For Bulk AdWords Account Linking

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Finally, a solution for advertisers and agencies who have experienced the  inconvenience associated with owning  multiple AdWords accounts.

The Google AdWords blog  has just announced the release of  “Bulk AdWords Account Linking. Until this release, advertisers owning multiple AdWords accounts, had to link each account individually. This new feature allows for a more streamlined linking process, which includes a “linking wizard.” This linking wizard allows the advertiser to link any AdWords account they have administrative access to, to a single Analytics property.

AdWords linking

Photo Courtesy of the Google Blog 

Notice that the new wizard allows advertisers to quickly select and deselect which accounts are and aren’t linked. Those that are selected are denoted with an x, those that aren’t are left blank.

What makes this feature very intuitive, is that the linking actually takes place at the Analytics property  level rather than the account level. This is beneficial for large agencies and advertisers comprised of teams. Each team can be assigned designated properties, rather than allowing a team to gain access to the entire Analytics account.

For more information regarding the new Bulk AdWords Account Linking wizard, please visit the Google AdWords blog for complete details.

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