Google Analytics Content Grouping Is Added To Visitor Flow

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Google Analytics Content Grouping Is Added To Visitor Flow

The Google Analytics blog just announced the release of Content Grouping in the Behavior Flow. With content grouping, we can order content into packets such as prices, item categories, item’s target gender, and more.  These content groups are helpful when making comparisons to aggregated data collected for each group. As an example, we may compare expensive products to those items that cost less. For more information on defining content groups, please visit the Google Analytics Help page.

Content grouping in the  behavior flow view is used to illustrate how visitors coming from various traffic sources flow through a website. The Google Analytics Blog has provided a snapshot of how the new Content Grouping feature appears in the Analytics Behavior Flow.

To create Content Grouping follow the steps below or visit the Analytics help page.

1. Go to the select Google Analytics Account

2. Click Admin at the top of the Analytics Page

3. Select Create New Content Grouping

4. Enter the name for the new grouping

5. Select one of the approaches available to create content groups

  • a. tracking code
  • b. extraction method
  • c. rule definitions

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