Google Grants – AdWords for Non-Profits

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Google Grants – AdWords for Non-Profits

Google has developed a reputation as one of the primary philanthropic organizations catering to developing nations and non-profit initiatives. Several departments have aimed to reign in on the growing digital divide. With that goal in mind, we thought that we would offer a bit of information on how one the many magnanimous Google programs has devoted itself to charitable organizations worldwide.

In an effort to improve non-profit organization’s visibility on the web, Google Grants has vowed to provide $10,000 per month of in-kind AdWords advertising for those organizations classified under the  501 ©(3) non-profit. That’s equivalent to about $329 per day of advertising. These Google Grant awardees are able to spend a maximum of $2.00 per click, and are stipulated to keyword targeted text ad campaigns. Below is a list of non-profit industries that have passed for a Google Grant.

  1. Animal-related
  2. Arts culture & humanities
  3. Community improvement & capacity building
  4. Crime & legal related
  5. Diseases disorders & medical disciplines
  6. Education
  7. Environment
  8. Food agriculture & nutrition
  9. Human Services
  10. International Human Rights
  11. International foreign affairs & national security
  12. Mental health & crisis intervention
  13. Non-profit services
  14. Philanthropy voluntarism & grantmaking foundations
  15. Public & societal benefit
  16. Public safety disaster preparedness and relief
  17. Recreation and sports
  18. Social Science
  19. Youth Development

The following industries are not eligible for Google Ad Grants

  • Governmental entities and organizations
  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities, (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible)

Although receiving a Google Grant does allow these non-profits to fill their AdWords account with a copious daily budget, Google does hold fast to certain regulations that successful non-profits must follow in order to maintain their Grant status.

  •  Ads must link to only one nonprofit website URL (must be the same URL that was approved in the application)
  • Actively manage the AdWords account with at least one login per month. Accounts that have not received at least one login per month, will be paused without notification.
  • Ads must be a reflection of the organization’s mission. The keywords must be relevant to the nonprofit’s programs and services.
  • Strictly commercial advertising is not allowed through this program. If your goal is to promote products and or services 100% of the sales and proceeds must support your program.
  • Advertisements offering financial products are not allowed
  • Your website cannot advertise with Google AdSense display advertisements or affiliate advertising links while participating in Google Ad Grants.

Below are a few  esteemed organizations that The Google Grant program has sponsored.

The Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology

Drinking Water for India

Energy Action Coalition

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