Why Use Google+?

Google+ is the second largest social media platform in the world with over 500 million subscribers. Building lasting customer relationships is key to online success, and there is no better means to engage new clients and continue delivering attractive updates for your existing audience than through Google+.

How Does Google+ Differ from other Social Media channels?

Google+ is for everyone, but is specially designed for businesses. Customizable sharing options provide subscribers the option to display posts only to select circles, rather than distributing posts to an account’s entire group of followers. Other advanced social sharing settings like photo sharing options can be restricted to certain circles like friends, family, colleagues, or followers, all of which helps businesses better maintain a professional online reputation.
If your organization is seeking to gain a greater client base, Google+ offers an assortment of exclusive communities that host individuals active in that specific industry. Community interaction is a great way to meet and network with other professionals, or individuals expressing interest in your niche.
Google+ is a great place to leverage Search Engine Optimization best practices. Google+ involvement has the ability to improve organic search results. Whether achieved through reviews, +1’s, or responses to posts, Google+ involvement can benefit your business’s online presence. Interestingly enough, Google+ posts are indexed by the Google search engine, which means that your posts can actually be listed on the Google search listings websites when triggered by relevant Google searches.
Another innovative feature Google+ offers is Google Hangouts, which allows group members to video conference, share instant messages, photos, videos, and connect their screens with other group members. Google Hangouts can also be used by organizations to host conferences, tutorials and other informative sessions which attract new customers, clients, resources and followers.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is your organization’s unique business page on Google+ that defines your business’s location, contact information, and description. Your organization’s Google+ Business Page displays recent posts, interactivity such as endorsements and replies, number of followers, number of views and any reviews your client base has provided. Operating a Google+ Business page is proving to be more vital than ever.

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