Product Listing Advertisements - Marketing products on Google

How does Google Shopping work?

What are Google Shopping Advertisements?

Google Shopping Product Listing Advertisements use data from an existing Google Merchant Center, not keywords to decide where and how advertisements will be shown to the prospective buyers. The product data submitted contains details about the products which then allows Google to show the products whenever a user enters a search query relevant to an item listed. Product Listing Advertisements usually include a brief description of the product, the product image, the product price, and the merchant name.

How much do Google Shopping Advertisements cost?

Similar to the other forms of Google advertising, Product Listing Ads will participate in an ad auction to compete for the ad space for each search query. However, users are charged only when a viewer clicks an ad that leads directly to the landing page on the website, or a viewer clicks on an ad that leads to the Google-hosted landing page for a business’s product inventory. Clicks on Product Listing Ads are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, or conversion-focused cost-per-acquisition (CPA) percentage basis.

Where do Google Shopping Advertisements show?

In addition to the Google Search Network, products will also be eligible to appear in the Google Shopping Network. The Google Shopping Network is an online marketplace where buyers can discover, compare and purchase products directly from your store.

Why choose Google Shopping Advertisements?

Shopping advertisements allow advertisers to target audiences most interested in purchasing their products and exhibit their products in the most fashionable medium available. We ensure that our client’s data feeds are accurate, comprehensive and delivering options that are best suited for their product inventories. The product data feed may include data such as the names of a business’s items, prices, product page URL, product image URL, item description, unique category and more.

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