Google’s Authorship & Authority Ranking

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Google Authorship & Authority Ranking

Google+ is a social networking website, but more importantly Google+ provides a means of establishing a unique online profile.  Google gives credence to contributors that submit relevant content to Google+. The benefit to attaching your Google profile to the content you submit is that it gains the author valuable authority of the subject that they contribute. When an author writes a blog post for a website, the author’s authority lends weight to the page that they had wrote for. Because the author is posting on a webpage with their followers, with their fans, with their reputation, they bring their audience to the webpage in hopes to gain the webpage more search presence.

We recommend  building your Authorship now. No matter what area of expertise you currently possess, when you share what you know, and audiences respond positively, you gain reputation as an authority within the realms of the  niche you are writing about.

To establish your online authorship, you can either start by using the email verification or you can choose to use the simple link method. Take a little bit of time to consider the following facts surrounding Google’s Authorsihp.  


Google- Facts Behind Authorship & Author Ranking



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Cherub Media | Authority Ranking
This is a brief article about Google's Authority ranking and why it's important. It has a detailed fact-based infographic on Author Rank.

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