Google Announces Acquisition of UK Retail Startup Rangespan

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Google Announces Acquisition of UK Retail Startup Rangespan.

Rangespan + Google


Google is shaping up to build up more robust, more intuitive e-commerce solutions. It’s retail portal, Google Shopping has just announced the acquisition of Rangespan, a London-Based company that provides back office services for online retailers.

We are very happy to announce that Rangespan is joining Google. We will continue to work on services for shoppers and retailers at Google, and we’re super excited about the opportunities to come.

As part of the change, we will wind down Rangespan’s services. We’ve already begun working individually with each of our retailers and suppliers on this process.

Rangespan is renowned for it’s  software which lets retailers and online suppliers use existing marketing data to decide which products to add and which to take away from the their current inventory.  Since it’s inception in 2011 it has provided solutions for Tesco, Argos, and Asda.

Although the acquisition has been announced, the terms of the agreement have yet to be revealed.

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