The Top 8 Reasons Why Google Apps For Business is a Success

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The Top 8 Reasons Why Google Apps For Business is a Success

Google’s Apps For Business platform is growing at a rapid pace. Google has reported that over 5 million businesses have jumped into using Google Apps as their cloud based, IT infrastructure solution.  The Google Apps for business is offered at a very reasonable price. The basic package starts at just $5/month per unique user. The more advanced package, which includes the use of Google Vault, an add on that is used for your organization’s email retention, archiving, search, and exporting to meet eDiscovery and compliance needs, costs an additional $5/month.

We’ve discovered the use of Google Apps For Business as a practical solution hat all businesses should welcome to foster their evolving IT needs. Below is a list of the top 8 reasons why businesses should switch to the Google Apps for Business platform.

1) To begin with, the Google Apps For Business  deployment, is simply straightforward. Google Apps requires no servers to purchase and maintain, which reduces the total cost of IT management given that there is little to no hardware involved.  Google even provides a free, 30 day trial for all business willing to try the apps platform. The registration process is easy, just go to the Google Enterprise Apps page, and click on the green button to get started.

2) Data Migration Capabilities. Google Apps is suited to migrate from all common legacy systems at no extra cost. We even found a very helpful Technical Transition Guide to assist  businesses undergoing this process.

3) Each Apps for Business account has access to Google’s Apps, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, with 30GB storage space allocated to each individual defined in the organization’s user account list.

 4) The Google Apps Marketplace is a distribution center consisting of helpful, integratable application suites for the Google Apps platform. Use the Google Apps Marketplace to find useful apps for productivity, accounting and finance, administrative tools, calendars and scheduling, document management, project management, sales & marketing, security & compliance, workflow, and educational applications.

5) The Administrative interface is intuitive. Your administrators can easily control which apps individuals have access to and what levels of permission users have for each app. In addition to monitoring access levels, administrators can easily assign individuals to work groups, request password resets, rename users, move users to another organization, delete users, and suspend users.


6) Security – The work you and your employees do on Google Apps is backed up to a safe secure cloud environment. Your data remains safely encrypted to meet industry standards, and it’s access is in your control.

7) Stay connected from anywhere with mobile management. Because all of the work remains safe and secure in the cloud, it is accessible from browsers on any device. Making it perfect for mobility purposes. The Google Apps for Business even has mobile management ability, which allows for device management settings, password protection, & more security features.

8) Collaboration, with Google it’s all about teamwork. Google Apps for Business organizations testify that the solidarity experienced from working with the Apps platform is unparalleled. From editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to sharing calendar events, your organization can be assured that the Google Apps platform will serve as a reliable resource to band together every employee from every department safely and securely.


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