YouTube’s Hidden Gem – The Fan Finder Channel Ad

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Fan Finder Channel Ad

YouTube’s Hidden Gem – The Fan Finder Channel Ad

We all enjoy partaking in something web related, that’s easy, and intriguing, especially if it’s free. What in the world of online advertising could possibly be free? We’re here to let you in on a hidden YouTube gem, Fan Finder.   That’s right!  With an entertaining channel ad, we  grab the viewer’s attention, and convert them to following our channel, liking us, commenting on our videos, or just checking out more of our channel. It’s that  easy.

These are the five aspects to consider for an effective Channel Ad.

1. Instill a lasting impression within the first 5 seconds. No doubt will most viewers decide whether this channel ad is worth their time within the first second. Especially because the viewer only has to watch the first 5 seconds before the ad can be skipped. Make those first 5 seconds count.
2. Make music. Music is essentially the best part of the video. Whether you or the viewer knows it, what music is playing in the background will likely determine the viewers mood. Match the mood of the video’s music with the representation of your brand.
3. Branding. If it doesn’t ring, it isn’t. Include a custom watermark of your brand or log on your YouTube videos. Also remember to recognize the aim of your brand and whom your brand is  aiming at when you release your ad.
4. Choose the videos for your ad.  Yep,  we’re talking about montages. Don’t try to cram too much footage into your ad, leave it to the best moments that accurately portray who you are and what you do.
5. Call to action. An effective call to action is like candy. We know that we want it, it’s just a matter of how we can get it. Don’t make your call to action too compelling. Just be simple, throw your brand out again with that unique logo and custom colors, and add a  simple click to watch more videos. YouTube even recommends a personal message. Something that doesn’t take the same shape of what everyone else is doing. That’s fun and that may do it.
We hope your enjoyed this quick bit about the YouTube fan finder. YouTube also suggests that for the best results, your channel should receive 15,000 views or more. This adds to the viewership which can more accurately reach a target audience. However,  to all newbies, don’t be afraid to try what’s new. Whether your channel is new, or you’re a seasoned veteran, there has never been a better time to help YouTube help your channel. Get started now.


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